Management of Obesity through Diet and Exercise

Management of Obesity


  • Komal Jamil Department of Physical Therapy, Bahria University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Syeda Rida Baqir Department of Physical Therapy, Bahria University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Faisal Fahim Department of Physical Therapy, Bahria University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Prem Lata Department of Physical Therapy, Bahria University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Bismah Khan Department of Physical Therapy, Metropolis Health Centre, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Muneeba Aziz Department of Physical Therapy, Isra University, Karachi, Pakistan



Obesity, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Exercise, Caloric Requirements


Worldwide, Pakistan is ranked as the 6th most highly populated country. Approximately 1.6 million deaths are due to the health problems associated with obesity. Obesity is the root cause of any health problem and can lead to many serious diseases of the heart, lungs, and kidneys, and can cause death. Lack of physical activity, excessive consumption of food, and unawareness is the main cause of obesity in Pakistan. The obesity ratio of people living in urban areas is more than people living in rural. To describe the different types of exercises and diet plans for losing weight in an obese person. This literature review is written by the collection of many search websites like Google Scholar, Pub Med, Sci-Hub, Centre of Disease Control, etc. It is used to enhance the awareness of weight management interventions with the help of evidence-based practice. Weight reduction can be accomplished by following the standard guidelines and different ways of weight management programs.  


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DOI: 10.54393/df.v4i03.87
Published: 2023-12-31

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