Evaluation of Pregnancies with Pre-existing Hypertension and Diabetes

Pregnancies with Pre-existing Hypertension and Diabetes


  • Hateem Qaiser University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging, The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Akash John University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging, The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Abid Ali Allied Health Sciences, University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging, The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Shehr Bano University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging, The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
  • Nayyar Ashfaq University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging, The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus




Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, pregnancy, polyhydramnios, oligohydramnios


The complications in  pregnancy can happen due to diabetes and hypertension which may affect the mother or the fetus. Objective: To evaluate pregnancy in hypertensive and diabetic pregnant women to detect associated risk factors and complications. Methods:The research was a cross-sectional method of study, conducted over 4 months from December 2021 to March 2022 in a private hospital in Gujranwala, Pakistan. A sample size of 50 was considered as per convenience. The data was analyzed using SPSS V20 software. The age of patients considered was  minimum 18 years to maximum 50 years . The scan was done using greyscale type 2D Mindary ultrasound equipment. A written consent form was also taken from patients. Results:  The results showed that 15(30%)  patients were presented with diabetes mellitus, 32(64%) has hypertension and 3(6%) has both hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The complications included low lying placenta and placental abruption in 1(2%), polyhydramnios in 3(6%) and oligohydramnios in 1(2%). Microcephaly was found in 1(2%) and hydrocephalus was seen in 2(4%). Fetal abortion was found in 7(14%) and only 3(6%) have  chance of  having a fetus with abnormalities due to hypertension and diabetes whereas most of them have normal birth 43(86%) with no complications. Conclusion: In conclusion, the majority of women with diabetes mellitus and  hypertension can have a normal pregnancy and birth, but some may face difficulties such as intrauterine fetal mortality, fetal congenital abnormalities and defects and still birth


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DOI: 10.54393/df.v3i1.44
Published: 2022-06-30

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